Wind Project puts bald eagles in danger

Industrial wind not held accountable for violating the Golden and Bald Eagle Protection Act.
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Promiscuous Ice Fishing in the New Pickens Plan

Readers could not fail to notice the term "promiscuous ice fishing" in the "Avian and Bat Protection Plan" for T. Boone Pickens' AWA Goodhue wind project. Ice fishing is a passion in Minnesota, but I'd never before heard the term "promiscuous" attached to it. Speculation about the definition and appearance of "promiscuous ice fishing" among Minnesotans has ranged from the hilarious to the unprintable. Yesterday's blog comments by "rural55027" provide a pretty complete range of thought on the subject.

Ice fishing accommodations for humans vary from an upturned bucket for sitting to portable small houses complete with beds, kitchen and satellite television. Given the amount of clothing required to keep the average human comfortably warm while ice fishing, "promiscuous ice fishing" sounds risky.

In fairness to the Pickens Plan, it's not clear whether the consultant thinks the humans or the eagles are fishing.  It's also difficult to discern whether "promiscuous ice fishing" should be considered "natural" or not:

"...driving surveys are being carried out...two times per month from early November 2011 to early
April 2012." "Data being collected during the driving surveys includes:"

"Distribution of observed natural and man-made winter food sources (e.g. road kills, livestock carcass dump sites, unburied garbage, locations where promiscuous ice fishing are allowed and water bodies that stay open allowing access to fish and/or waterfowl)."

Terry Ingram of the Eagle Nature Foundation visited the AWA Goodhue wind project footprint last month to assess the eagle activity.  At the Belle Creek Watershed structure, Mr. Ingram observed and photographed two juvenile bald eagles standing on the ice. Perhaps theses unsupervised young eagles were engaged in "promiscuous ice fishing"?

Yesterday's blog already exposed T. Boone Pickens' concerns that bald eagles are engaging in "risky flight behavior" in an apparent attempt to thwart his wind farm desires. Perhaps the eagles are also engaged in "promiscuous ice fishing".  Who knew Minnesota could be so hot in winter?


rural55027 said...

The use of the word "Promiscuous," to describe Ice Fishing seems to have been used to imply some less than decent image in the readers mind. Ice Fishing in MN is about as American as Apple Pie. As for Ice Fishing in the small farm ponds that dot the footprint of this ill concieved and poorly sited "proposed," wind development: I know a few who carry a pail & walk through the snow to try it. An 8 inch hole is not at all the open water described in this Pickens Plan.
This is just another attempt by Ron Peterson of Westwood Not So Professional Services to shift blame for the large number of Eagles in Goodhue County.
Perhaps being in the Mississippi Flyway has something to do with it. Of course the citizens of Goodhue County could be blamed if one considered their love of the land and the implimentation of good conservation practices.
That is something Ron Peterson knows nothing about.

Paloma said...

Promiscuous ice fishing and risky eagle flight behaviors! Given the nonsense Westwood printed in their Developer Protection Plan I'm beginning to wonder if "risky" was perhaps meant to be "risque", but Mr. Peterson didn't they were spelled differently. If that's the case we need to contact a Certified Wildlife Psychologist to see about scheduling some eagle intervention. We absolutely cannot have promiscuous bald eagles flying about rural Goodhue County exhibiting risque flight behavior!

Seriously, promiscuous fishing is apparently fishing without an imposed limit. I can't express my relief at discovering this gem! Prior to that I kept picturing a unattractive and scrawny male wildlife biologist in a thong at the edge of one of the riparian waterways over there. It was a chilling visual!

rural55027 said...

I wonder if we should ask if T. Boone has had a background check and phsycological exam on this Ron Peterson.He shows classsic signs of mental illness. Wants to hurt birds and has turned MN. Ice Fishing into something sexual.I believe he is the same fellow that hired that helicopter to buzz residents and he was definitely close enough to be peering in my windows when he was over my house. Now this talk of Promiscuous Ice Fishing takes the cake.

Paloma said...

I do believe we need tee shirts....a wonderful cartoon has come to mind!

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